Exclusive Lines Introduce A New App by Using NFC to Sri Lankan

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Nancy   2017/12/11

It’s as easy as tap and go for discerning shoppers indulging various of premium fragrances and beauty products at Exclusive Lines. This luxury retailer introduce a new app that firstly offers the convenience of scoring and tracking loyalty points by using NFC (Near Field Communication) tap system. Besides, clients can buy goods by this app, then the goods will be sent to their home.

Exclusive Lines goes beyond digital consumerism curve by this new app. It will replace the loyalty card system in their store. Before this development, this company is the first and only one retail that using smart card technology into loyalty cards. With this app, client can shop and redeem points in anytime and anywhere. They also can keep up-to-date with all the special offers and benefits by receiving the news of forthcoming sales activites online or offline, as well as directly connecting with Exclusive Lines to require and gain news.

This app can be used on Google Play and Windows, as well as will be used on iOS by middle of December. Anyone can be a member after registering in the app of Exclusive Lines without any cost. After that, they will have a right that gaining 5% of the price of pochues as a reward on movement devices and any Exclusive Lines outlet. Besides, they also can gain 50% bonus when shopping at six times, on birthday or anniversary. This app can make your level of member upgrade to next level (VIP and VVIP) without any limiting at anytime.

To Exclusive Lines customers, this total solution comes when Sri Lankan customers star to accept digital solutions in retail. Exclusive Lines VIP and VVIP customers already used innovative card system that the next logical step was using NFC technology and smart technology. HiruSurtani, Director of the company, says “Almost all our customers have cellphones, thus, it is reasonable that make an app to replace their loyalty cards. We have designed this app to be compatible with all types and categories of cellphones. Our customers can use this app to shop at any time and gain loyalty points without having to worry about carrying a card.”

Customers can gain information on their purchases and loyalty points at any time. Surtani notes, “This app has been designed for our customers to experience the same service they would experience at an Exclusive Lines store by their cellphones. It’s quick, convenient and very interactive.”


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