Extronics Uses RFID Tags to Track Employees

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Nancy   2018/01/26

Extronics technological company in Britain, has improved its active RFID tag model to make it become a hybird safety and access control devices for a gas and oil company in Southeast Asia. This company is one of the largest company all over the world. It adopts a RFID technology for the safety of staff in a place with 1100 employees.

iTAG100, an enhanced tag based on Aeroscout technology, introduced by Extronics in the earlier of this year. There are an inside passive RFID tag for access control and store space for picture ID in iTAG100. The enhanced tag will be used to track 8000 employees and offer identification and access control for the company.

Workers will carry a variety of safety and identification devices when they start to work. These devices include personal protective equipment, gas monitors, identification devices and pictures for accsse control. Besides, the company hopes workers remember to carry these devices when they work every time. They can’t enter without safety devices, if the safety technology is installed on accsse control.

John Hartley, Extronics’ CEO, says: “The hybird solution is the next RFID tag solution developed by our company. Workers will carry RFID tag on belt or lanyard or in packet when they report work. Our company installs access control readers in the entrance. Workers just need to open safety tags around readers, the door will open and the software will update their status as having arrived.”

When workers move around the factory, each worker’s RFID tag ID which connected with ID in the software on the service of Extronics will be captured by Wi-Fi. In emergency, software can sent alerts to workers and tell them go to the mustering site. Manager can visit dahboard of management saftware or seeing any name of worker who don’t arrive at their mustering site in using based-on Android or iOS apps in mobile devices. If managers click a name, the software will show a location of that people according to the transmission of his or her RFID tag.

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