Fans have to Use RFID Wristband to Buy Drink in Festival

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Festival International de Louisiane, an annual music and arts festival, opens April 25 in downtown Lafayette. This year, fans have to use new RFID wristband to buy drink.

“You can attend the festival by walking up to the ‘top up’ booths, which is basically the old ticket booths. You can hand over cash. But instead of giving you tickets, they’re going to hand you a wristband, which will have your cash on it,” said Scott Feehan, the festival’s executive director.

Fans can make payment by tapping these RFID bands at monitoring stations at beverage and merchandise locations. The price of merchandise brought will be removed in the rest money of user. The beverage and merchandise booths don’t accept cash or ticket. All the payment will be finished through RFID wristband.

RFID wristband is the product of Intellitix, a global company, which set up cashless payment system for San Diego Comic Con International, Quebec d’Ete de Quebec and Ryder Cup golf tournament. This company said that client can achieve that the income of activities increases 15 percent to 30 percent. The payment process is shorter, the trade time is faster and fans can control their spending.

Starting April 13, fans can register wristband through the festival website or app. A purchase amount can be set up by credit card. Users also can choose to set an automatic recharge of their wristband amounts, if the balance falls below a certain level. When the festival is over, unused funds can be refunded back to the card or a bank account. A 5 dollar processing fee will apply to all refunds.

Feehan said: “We are trying to collect the postal code of fans. It’s still a challenge for us that know where they are from. However, we won’t track the movement of user or what a person is buying. We are setting up a payment gateway by bank process. We can’t access any credit card stuff.”

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