FashionAI smart fitting room lets you always at the forefront of fashion

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In early July, Alibaba Group, the world’s largest retailer, launched a new custom-made fashion wear consultant in the mirror of the fitting room. This AI fashion consultant, located at the “FashionAI Concept Store” at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, has operated from July 5th to July 7th this year to showcase the new combination of apparel sales, fashion services and artificial intelligence, as well as new retail may.

In the FashionAI concept store, consumers only need to bring a mobile phone and identify them through the entrance to start shopping. Each item in the FashionAI concept store is equipped with a smart lock containing a gyroscope that senses gravity, a Lora chip that sends and receives signals, and a radio frequency identification (RFID).

Zhang Zhuoran, vice president of Alibaba Group, said: “FashionAI reflects our thinking about the prospects of the fashion retail industry and further utilizes technology to better understand and meet the needs of consumers. The combination of AI and fashion brings more imagination to the apparel retail industry. Space, and new opportunities like never before.” He pointed out that Alibaba’s investment over the past seven years has helped the AI product to be continuously optimized, in addition to allowing it to accurately identify clothing elements, to recommend more than one item, and to accumulate a large amount of back-end information. To cultivate the sensitivity of the machine to fashion trends.

Combined with Alibaba Group’s online and offline retail companies, FashionAI’s fashion consulting services are limited across physical stores. “Taobao”, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, provides a “virtual wardrobe” function on mobile apps. Consumers can view the clothes they try in the store at any time, and combine the brands of more online merchants to provide more suggestions.

Guess, American fashion brand, likes the potential of FashionAI and works with Alibaba. Guess believes that FashionAI can enhance the customer experience in the store and provide more digital information for brand decisions, helping to optimize salespeople’s product selection, inventory management, and display models in the showcase.

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