Finnish Railway VR Group Handles the Information of Carriage by RFID Technology

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Nancy   March 22, 2018

The Finnish Railway VR Group is Finland’s only rail transport and logistics service provider. VR Group and its affiliate VR Transpoint logistics company use RFID technology to optimize prior manual operations. At the same time, it increases inventory visibility and creates opportunities for new business development. Their RFID label is durable and high-performance and can withstand a variety of bad weather and vibration in transportation.

In the process of managing train components and optimizing the management of railway stations, the need for identification of passenger transport, cargo fronts and carriages has been highlighted. In the previous manual process, train parts management and information transfer were both slow and resource-consuming. Therefore, the status of the entire traffic stream can’t be known in time.

In the VR Group’s RFID system, two Confiance Days IronsideTM hard RFID tags are installed on each carriage and locomotive. The worker scans each tag with a handheld reader, and the data of tag is transmitted to the VR system through the Vilant software. After reading the carriage quickly and reliably through RFID technology, each part of the train is identified efficiently and the data can be transmitted to the data center in real time. Therefore, the global picture of vehicle position and usage rate become visible. At the same time, RFID technology is also used to carry out the order processing process at the train station, so that the maintenance and possible defect information of each car can be immediately presented in the system for further operation.

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