Fujitsu Launches the Smallest RFID Laundry Tag

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Fujitsu recently launched the smallest RFID laundry tag on the market. The size of the tag is only at 6-7 mm in width and it can be sewn into textiles such as uniforms, linens and tablecloths. The demand for RFID technology is increasing in the medical and hospitality industries. More and more customers are demanding that embedding RFID tags in clothing during the manufacturing process to better manage them.

Dan Dalton, senior director of marketing and new product development at Fujitsu, said that the reduction in tag size is due to the antenna optimization. At present, the product is being tested by several companies. The product will begin mass production in the fourth quarter of this year, which is 30% to 40% smaller than most existing tags on the market.

Laundry and garment rental companies that provide services to hospitals, hotels and industry are the main users of deploying this technology.  The company explained that laundry companies can know when to wash clothes and track the process of washing, drying and folding clothing by using RFID tags.

There are some difficulties in the applications of laundry tag. RFID tags are too large to be attached to the clothing in the normal manufacturing process. Dalton explained that in some situations, the company had to sew a bag on the product to store the tag. However, these customers have feedback to Fujitsu that they want a tag that can be easily inserted into textile seams. The new tag meets the demands of these customers and can be inserted into seams and sewn.

Dalton said that the ultra-small tag, like its predecessor, the WT-A533 Linen tag, hundreds or thousands of them can be read in the same time and the read distances of up to 2 to 3 meters. The tag is waterproof and heatproof, it can withstand the chemicals in the cleaning process.

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