Russian World Cup ball will be implanted “NFC technology”

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Joom   2017/11/10

In the early morning of November 10, the official ball of the 2018 World Cup in Russia was created with brand new technology. Called the “Telstar 18” (TV star), the football is printed on a gold-colored Russian World Cup LOGO with a gradient mosaic pattern and a built-in smart chip.

According to FIFA official information, “TV Star 18” uses a lot of new technologies and innovative NFC chip, can carry on the data transmission with the intellectual mobile phone. Each ball generates a unique identifier that allows the user to unlock exclusive data messages.

Tribute classic Telstar18 engraved 50 years ago classic design

Telstar was first used at the 1968 European Cup, with Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of its birth and will return to the world after the 1974 World Cup. The Russian World Cup ball with a classic black and white, dark trapezoidal decoration composed of mosaic patterns, text is used in gold.

Telstar series is the most representative football competition ball series. As early as the sixties of last century, “Telstar Elast” is the official ball of the 1968 European Cup. After the 1970 World Cup, 1972 and 1976 European Cup match ball are used Telstar.

For the 2018 ball Telstar18 game view, Argentine star Messi said: “I really like its design and color, I can not wait to want to play the ball on the court.”

However, contrary to Macy’s view, many users are not cold on the design of this engraved version. Many netizens said that this ball looks a little ugly, like being mosaicked, people looked very uncomfortable! There are people deliberately put forward questions: next year’s World Cup held in Russia, not in Japan? It seems that both Already associated with this, it is doomed to praise, after all, mosaic is one of the largest enemy of the online world.

For the first time in the official competition in the implantation of “NFC technology”

Telstar 18 now more sense of technology and the sense of the times, the new spherical splicing design, replacement of the production process, Telstar than the previously acclaimed 2014 World Cup ball “Brazuca” (Brazilian glory) more practical performance.

In addition, Telstar 18 is also embedded “NFC” technology, which is the first attempt of the technology in the official competition. NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short-range, high-frequency radio technology that allows NFC-enabled devices to exchange data in either active or passive mode. By NFC technology, mobile payment, movies, subway can be achieved. And it will take time to verify that if you embed a technology electronic chip in football and get a lot of interactive information from your smartphone on the smartphone, that’s really fun.

In fact, there is a precedent for implanting “NFC technology” in sports competitions. In September 2017, Nike and the NBA launched the “Statement” jersey Nike NBA Connected Jersey in the new NBA season, and the jersey is no longer pure clothes, the biggest bright spot is not the style, material and color, and Is a NFC chip inside the NikeConnect tag on the bottom left of the shirt.

Jerseys NFC function is also very simple to use, just download the NIke Connect APP and use NIKEPLUS account login, and then use the smart phone touch jersey NikeConnect label, you can see real-time jerseys corresponding to the team’s various information, such as the team and players Data, highlights of the game, the player’s private song list, and more.

In addition, the use of mobile phones on the game day touch jersey built-in NFC chip label may also be unlocked NBA 2K online games, pre-purchase tickets and Nike new games such as concessions.

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