GREEN Center Parking System Allows to Book Parking Place Online

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GREEN Center parking system is designed to simplify the parking process and offer the best service for drivers when they park their cars. The most convenient way to book a parking place is using mobile application. Parking system interface can achieve offer booking online service via available internet connection from any electronic device.

After the booking has been made,  a barcode is generated automatically, which can substitute a standard parking ticket. The code can be delivered to the customer’s e-mail or his/her mobile device directly. Customers can pay the parking fee through an application on their phones, as well as in automatic pay station or manual pay station.

A more convenient option for booking a parking place is using a PIN code. Customers will receive the code as the same as the barcode. The customer enters the code via a numeric keypad installed on the entry terminal at the car park entry. Later, the terminal prints a parking card that reserved the information such as booking time during the reservation.

When customers pay the fee, they can use devices with NFC chips that are available for cashless payment. Nowadays, many people carry devices are equipped with the NFC chips, such as subway cards, credit cards, mobile phones or wearable electronic devices. These devices can be matched with the reservation that has been made during the ordering process. Therefore, the customer can use it as an adequate equivalent of a parking ticket upon the car park entry. The device also offers other services that can be made together with the payment of a parking fee within a single payment.

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