HMY Group Will Open A Food Retail Display Hall in France

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Nancy   2018/03/02

Retail expert HMY Group announces that they will open a groundbreaking food retail display hall at its headquarters in France.

This model store exhibition hall displays the products including the latest technology and grocery store furniture. The displayed products integrate RFID technology, including classic lights and shelves, interactive displays and automated checkouts. These products will bring more attractive shopping experience for clients.

At present, food retailers have chance to visit the exhibition hall in France. They can choose parts, check technology and test display. Then they can launch these products in their stores. The aim of this concept is emphasizing the digital funcation of HMY Group, with more and more British retailers view technology as the priority project in 2018. HMY Group counts many food retailers including Carrefour and Tesco.

Stuart Geekie, manager of British HMY Group, said: “physical store is far from death, however, retailers should test in advance if technology is adopted to meet the demands in the future. Clients pay more attention to convenient and seamless experience when shopping. Therefore, we want to demonstrate how retailers offer these services by innovative fit-out solution.”

Stuart said: “We are tring the model of ‘try before you buy’ before food exhibition hall opens. Food retailers can truly test our products, I’m sure that these solutions can help them achieve the abilities of improving the interests and effiency in their stores.”

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