Home appliances with NFC

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Emma   2017/10/27

1. Huge household appliances

Household appliances, such as washing machines, are products where
elegant appearance are important, size is standardized, and gross profit are
moderate. Users want appearance and function, they like special features, but
desire easy-operation. The NFC connected tag is a economical way
in which a manufacturer can make one product case to cover multiple
product variants. Connecting with the washing machine is as simple
as opening an application on an NFC-enabled mobile device, and tapping
that device to the machine control panel. Other settings become
available in one convenient device.

2.Fitness Tracking Portable

Fitness tracking bracelets help users set fitness targert and track progress
contrasting their goals. In theory, portable devices must be small,
artistically pleasing, and easily rechargeable. Displays are limited, and
direct control of small wearable devices via tiny mechanical buttons can
be difficult. Adding an NFC connected tag chip to the electronics inside a
fitness band provides access to a much richer user experience. Touching
their phone to the band opens up a user display where users input their
target easily, view their progress, and control backup or upload to the cloud.
And, the close proximity requirement of NFC communication protects the
user’s private data against unauthorized access by the people nearby.

3.Thermostat Control

Thermostat controller interfaces in commercial settings develop a new challenge. In order to achieve the aim that energey-saving and efficiency,
most device managers like to keep temperatures within a common,
narrow range. While sometimes the rooms are too hot or too cold
for comfort. What’s more, controls can be complicated, difficult to see and
manipulate, or caged behind a mechanical lock box. With an embedded
NFC connected tag chip, the control interface becomes a simple unit with
an easy-to-read temperature display. Users tap their NFC-enabled mobile
devices to the surface and use the interface for temperature
adjustments, daily schedule control, or other extended feature access.

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