Honeywell Uses IoT Technology to Track Shipment and Airplane

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Honeywell is using AT&T IoT Control Center in countries all over the world to provision, connect and management all the aircraft and shipment. Honeywell is able to track and monitor the shipment in transportation and the planes on the ground by using 3G modules and sensor tags.

Joe Mosele, VP of IoT solutions and business development at AT&T, said: “Operators are providing connectivity and global coverage.” Honeywell can remotely activate and deactivate a device, manage its rate plan and use AT&T Control Center platform to analyze its data usage condition. “If their usage reaches a certain level, or if the devices take offline, the system will send an alert to them.”

Honeywell creates a platform to deal with data analytics and IoT cloud services. AT&T also offers these services because many clients need a total end-to-end system.

All the connection of Honeywell is offered by the 3G network from AT&T. Although the company deploys LTE-M network all over the world in May, last year. According to Honeywell, LTE-M is more suitable for the applications that needn’t a lot of bandwidth.

With the connected shipment IoT application, Honeywell tracks the shipment in transportation by using 3G IoT network of AT&T. The company is equipped with packaging and pallets with sensors, which offer the information of goods such as location, temperature and humidity. Then, Honeywell monitor data to make it react fast to prevent loss and damage of goods.

For the connected aircraft IoT application, AT&T’s network is connected with planes on the ground and offers information about planes for maintenance team and flight crews. Therefore, they can perform maintenance and improve turnaround time.


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