How does NFC Smart Packaging Perform for Brand Owners?

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Near Field Communications (NFC) is a new technology that has potential to be used in snack and baking market. It enables to offer interactive consumer experience by combining this technology with smart packaging. NFC smart packaging can easily offer product information, operation guides, promotional offers, videos and reorder caution via smart phones. Brands can gain brand loyalty when clients interact with products via smart packaging.

Because NFC tags contain unique identifiers by item, not just by product type, content can be dynamic and targeted — different before purchase and after purchase. The tags are small and can be integrated into packaging without affecting brand identity. The unique identifier prevents counterfeiting can enable authentication of the product by consumer or the brand owner, therefore NFC technology is difficult to cloning.

Although, NFC technology has many benefits, so far, the biggest limitation of NFC technology is cost. However, with the form of product technology and new technology, the effect of smart packaging technology on the cost of main parts that needed in production process will decrease obviously. With the appearance of these new technologies, the NFC-enabled smart packaging is becoming economically viable. In the future, the more smart phones in consumers’ hands, the more smart packages we’ll see. And as the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are applied to more and new areas of our lives, NFC could be positioned for a leading role.

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