How to choose RFID reader

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Effie   2017/10/20

In the era of Internet of things ,RFID is a very important technology, it is quite successful in the field of storage applications at the past few years, with RFID wireless identification function, you can quickly identify and record the number of items, location, simplify so many items of storage operations, efficiency doubles. When the enterprise decided to import RFID for storage management, in addition to establish the management model, the more important is to choose the hard equipment.

The main hardware equipment of RFID is divided into two categories: reader and RFID label. RFID tag form is quite diversified, usually change according to the attached object, such as card type, square, round, box, Rod type, etc., if to distinguish by function, it can be divided into read-only, write-once and repeatable read and write, and if to distinguish by the internal design of RFID tags, can be divided into active, semi-active (Also known as semi-passive) and passive.

As for the RFID reader, the current common is the hand-held, fixed, and the door-type, the reader installed within usually one to four antenna, if you want to expand the reading range , You can choose to install the antenna around the reader to strengthen the RF signal transmission or read power, so as to elongate the sensing distance between the sensor and the reader.

In the face of the total RFID equipment, how do the enterprise to choose? The best way is to select the equipment based on the application model, coordinated with the site environment.

In the evaluation of hardware manufacturers of products, companies are most likely to fall into the blind spot of the parity, but in the import RFID system, absolutely can not just thinking about the price, quality should be given priority, so to make the most Suitable for their own choice.

However, the quality of the term is very abstract, it is difficult to grasp whether the equipment has a stable quality by the appearance, the best way is to test continue, especially in the environment of fast reading, large amount of data,we can see the reader Performance differences, for example, a reader with poor performance can only read the data on the left and right sides of the pallet, but the equipment with good performance , can also read data around the four directions.

Finally, it is the choice of RFID tags, the price of RFID tags is still high, if companies want to reduce the import costs, the best choice can be re-read and write labels, making it into a corporate asset, rather than the same as bar code consumer goods ,as to improve the efficiency of RFID import.


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