I-Conbusiness Integrates NFC Technology with Packing

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Nancy   2018/01/23

I-Conbusiness established at 2017, it is a company that offers development and delivery service. Especially focusing on facing challenge when carrying out activities of digital packing and connecting technology. I-Conbusiness is a partnership that connects packaging and strategic marketing knowledge, integrating expert partners to deliver projects.

It has already determined the development trend of NFC technology and make I-Con establish a complete structure to achieve that NFC is used to connect products with packing, and from the design of packing and product to the created development and activities of connecting digital platforms.

“When we discuss about digital packing market with clients and partners, NFC will integrate packing and digital markting clearer until next year.” said, Lauren Whittaker, co-founder and consultant at I-Con.

I-Con has a partnership with Packaging Society under IOM3. It will offer related digital packing advice and guide for part of Packaging Society packing clinic in the Packaging Innovations activity that will be held from 28 February y to 1 March in Britain.

“Our compele work process is enable to NFC intergrat their products and markting material. At present, we are working on a series of medium and large-scale brand projects. These brands depand on our skills and experience for many years and cooperation closely with similar organization on different challeging projects. In normal case, more created projects, more challenges should be overcomed. And as a solution supplier that’s what the I-Con business thrives on,” said Kevin Laughton, co-founder and consultant at I-Con and vice chairman of The Packaging Society.

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