IC card Applications:

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effie 2017/10/10

What is IC card?

IC card is the integrated circuit card, is a new type of information tool that appears after the magnetic card. IC card in some countries and regions also known as smart cards, microcircuit card or microchip card. It is a card form made of microelectronic chip embedded in the ISO 7816 standard card base.

IC card Applications:


IC card not only can be issued by the bank alone, but also can be issued by enterprises and institutions to issue joint cards. This joint card forms a special wallet account for a bank IC card. For example, medical insurance purse should not be consumed, not cash, can only be used in designated hospitals and other places. At present, the joint card mainly including insurance card, tax card, traffic card, campus card and so on. As the IC card is both convenient and fast, in developed countries it has been quite popular. During Atlanta Olympic Games, a large number of IC card electronic wallet were used to pay for transportation, communications, tax and other expenses.

Charging system

IC card charging system, including electricity, water, gas, communications, parking fees and other consumer resource charges, such systems can improve efficiency and reliability of management. You can increase the available funds of the management department and provide quality services to residents to change the irrational situation of the first consumption of resources after the charges through the pre-charge. For the user, IC card charges can be used to eliminate the harassment of charges and prepare for cash change.  At the same time, it also helps the users to plan the consumption according to their own electricity, water and gas usage.

Parking management

Professional yard management system, most of them are using IC card management vehicle access, as a vehicle access certification.

medical insurance

With the reform of China’s medical system, residents go to the hospital for medical treatment with insurance companies issued IC card,medical expenses will be paid by the insurance company. Medical IC card In addition to the medical expenses of the payment function, the card can also store the patient’s medical records. Patients can see the doctor to a different hospital, the doctor can quickly diagnose and treat them based on card medical records .

Public transit

Passengers use pre-paid IC card issued by the bus management department  in the car at the entrance of the charges machine, the charges machine will automatically complete the charges. In this way, can effectively reduce the time to get off, speed up the vehicle turnover, improve management efficiency, put an end to corruption and counterfeit currency phenomenon. Besides,it applies in traffic police management system, business management system, IC card electronic door locks, IC card tax management system, highway toll system and other IC card application system.

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