Identiv launches state-of-the-art anti-counterfeit RFID tags to combat counterfeit products

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According to the International Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance (IACC), counterfeit and counterfeit goods account for nearly 5%-7% of world trade, about $600 billion. In a report released this year, P&S Market Research valued the global anti-counterfeit packaging market in 2017 at $114.4 billion and is expected to reach $208.4 billion by 2023.

Identiv’s new Tamper-Proof RFID Labels address the security needs of anti-counterfeiting and brand protection in the retail, transportation and pharmaceutical industries, and are designed for easy use in wine and alcohol bottles, pharmaceuticals and transportation for any item requiring breakage seal detection or tamper resistance . Labels can be customized to different artwork, different sizes, or chip combinations to provide different levels of security. In addition, each tag can be passed with variable data, including the barcode, number, or end user’s name.

Identiv’s Tamper-Proof RFID Label integrate state-of-the-art aluminum etched antennas with an innovative tamper-proof release coating. The antenna bridge can be guaranteed to destruct after the label is removed from the surface of any application, including glass, paper, plastic and other non-meta environments. The cost-effective design makes it impossible to disassemble a complete antenna or label; once removed from the attached surface, the label can no longer be used and cannot be reassembled. Destructive tags are an ideal use case, and end users need to ensure that assets are real – once removed, tags can no longer be applied to a new, unreal product.

“With this increase in tamper-proof design, our label portfolio provides a more innovative RFID solution for a variety of applications,” said Stephane Ardiley, director of product management, credentials and transponder identification. “In addition to the physical/visual security of traditional security holographic labels, we also use RFID technology to provide a safer, more advanced mosaic solution.” Identiv’s Tamper-Proof RFID Label offer our customers an affordable guaranteed, and destructible mosaic solution.

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