ImageFIRST Uses UHF RFID Technology to Manage Customer’s Stock

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Nancy   2018/01/03

Healthcare laundry ImageFIRST recently uses UHF RFID technology help clients manage their linen stock at the large healthcare system in New Jersey.

ImageFIRST as a company offers service of healthcare laundry and linen in whole country, offering service for healthcare organization from San Francisco, CA, to New Jersey. It includs scrubs, linen, patient gowns, and more. While, a client of ImageFIRST found that he lost some stocks recently.

ImageFIRST offers comfort care robes for the clients of breast centre of New Jersey health system. The robes are unique thanks to their very soft material. The comfort care robes are very popular in patients and workers, in order that the other departments borrow them without allowing of ImageFIRST or breast centre. Therefore, managing the stock become very difficult.

ImageFIRST uses UHF RFID technology to find lost robes and control clients’ stock. ImageFIRST implants RFID chips in every comfort care robe and read the chips by hand-held readers. Jay Blumenfeld, the representative of customer advocate in breast centre for ImageFIRST, using hand-held scanner to scan the clean and dirty robes and retrieve dirty gowns. This technology can keep a detailed and exact stock for clients.

In this case, Blumenfeld did beyond his routine work to look for and take back the borrowed robes. He went to main hospital soil room, where ImageFIRST does not normally visit, to scan the linen. The scanner allowed Blumenfeld to locate the lost robes easily (without digging through soiled linen) and take them back to the clients.

“The use of the UHF RFID technology and in-field scanners helps us partner with clients to solve preventable problems and better manage their stock to control their costs.” said Gary Stephens, service director for ImageFIRST in northern New Jersey.

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