Impinj Enhances Enterprise-Class RAIN RFID System Management

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effie 2017/10/18

Impinj,a provider and of RFID solutions ,announced enhancements to ItemSense, a distributed operating system for managing RAIN RFID readers and gateways. ItemSense convert item-level RFID data into operational business information to provide the enterprise with a corresponding analysis. This new feature enables shipment verification in the supply chain and logistics operations.

The features of the FDA include management and health monitoring of RFID deployments,to simplify reader and gateway management, simplify system operation, improve stability and uptime. Besides, it is used for software algorithms of inventory, location and threshold detection to reduce the workload of data collection and cost, it is an application programming interface that helps quickly develop solutions.

Impinj said that users can now use the ERP software algorithm to complete those who use physical technology to complete the task in the past, such as: RF shielding, antenna or sensor shielding. ItemSense is part of the Impinj platform, which provides item identification, location and authentication information.

“The logistics team is looking for an automated solution and provides real-time data for moving, receiving, and shipping out of the product,” said John Frederiksen, vice president of product management at Impinj, in a prepared statement. “Impinj uses ItemSense, gateway and terminal IC to confirm the direction of movement of goods without camera, laser or motion sensor.

Impinj has a lot of experienced partners. “Our partners offer the basic expertise of RAIN technology and the design, installation and support of Impinj platform-based solutions,” said Erica Beckstrom, vice president of global channel sales at Impinj. “We recently launched the Impinj platform Enhance the combination, support and training to further help customers achieve the deployment. “

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