India: Install RFID tag monitoring mini-buses campaign

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The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) is said to be angry at the SETWIN minibus that runs on their site and does not comply with time. It is said that this directly led them to decide to install radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to monitor the movement of mini-buses.

The TSRTC insiders who asked for anonymity said that the minibus did not travel on the prescribed route and caught the attention of senior government officials.

A senior official explained the issue, “Even if there are five passengers on our bus, it will move from the bus stop at the specified time. On the other hand, there have been examples of this: SETWIN bus is parked on the road. By the side, until the bus is full. This is wrong.”

It is reported that the SETWIN bus deviated from the scheduled route in some cases. Officials said, “We were told that bus drivers are changing road signs, such as the route from Mehdipatnam to Secunderabad. If they find no passengers, they will choose other routes. Although it is difficult to quantify the losses, it will definitely reduce our income.”

SETWIN officially denied these allegations. They said that if the minibus deviates from the prescribed route, the Road Traffic Authority has the right to confiscate them.

India’s SETWIN Chairman Inayat Ali Baqri said in an interview: “RFID are used to monitor the movement of buses so that passengers can use the mobile app to take the minibus. We have not deviated from the route. In fact, when TSRTC is at a loss, we still earn 30 rupees a year.”

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