Indian can Get Clean Drinking Water via NFC Payment

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According to the data of “water project” which is a non-profit organization that offers clear drinking water for communities around the world, there are 783 millions of people (one-ninth of the global population) can’t get clear and secure drinking water in the planet.

In order to handle this issue, many water supply facilities are installed around the world. However, it’s said that 65% of water supply facilities stop working in the first two years thanks to the lack of sustainable maintenance method.

EWATER, a company achieving sustainable water source supply by using IoT technology, finds that IoT will influence the countries which need clean drinking water. EWATER develops a suit of IoT water supply systems which can normally operate for a long time, users can pay the fee and get drinking water through this system. Combined with NFC and IoT technologies, EWATER states that this system can offer clean, secure and cheap drinking water 24 hours a day.

At recent, there is a EWATER smart tap in the system in Gambia, Africa, connecting with the global network through the IoT node. Users have to buy drinking points from dealer or EWATER app to get drinking water. Users just need to touch the tap by using NFC tags to achieve the payment.

Once the NFC tag touches the tap, the water will be distributed. 80% of water fee is used for daily running and maintenance to ensure that the system operates normally. The company will plan to expand the water supply network to some villages further away from the water point by using these revenues in the future.

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