India’s Esselworld amusement park uses RFID technology to achieve cashless payments

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Mumbai’s Esselworld amusement park, with 4.2 hectares of attractions, is one of the largest and most popular amusement parks in India, with approximately 1.8 million visitors a year.

As of early April this year, Esselword Amusement Park has been using the fully automated Intercard cashless payment system and integrated with its existing point of sale and enterprise resource planning software. It allows customers to easily pay and enjoy the park’s various rides, dining venues and merchandise stores.

Equipped with a new admission system called “Pay N Play Basic” by Intercard, Esselworld Amusement Park eliminates time-consuming and labor-intensive cash handling. This value-for-money product allows customers to pay for the rides and games they want to experience while enjoying a lower initial fee to enter the park. It can also automatically deduct food, beverages and merchandise after each purchase. The Intercard system also supports other admission and ride packages for Esselworld.

The system uses RFID-based cards and wristbands to activate the card reader in all rides and games. If the customer runs out of the initial balance on the Pay-n-Play card, he can top up the self-service kiosk that accepts cash, credit card or mobile payment. The recharge card is valid for 12 months and can be used for return visits.

As the world leader of debit card technology in entertainment industry, Intercard currently has more than 70 installation points in India. As Intercard completes the completion of a major facility at the Esselworld amusement park in Mumbai, Intercard announces that it will be an important milestone in its expansion into the Indian market.

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