Intelligent warehousing

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Emma   2017/11/24

IOT (Internet of things) is everywhere, even the heating unit or a fridge can be connected to internet. While modern storage couldn’t keep up with times. According to IOT NOW, sensor, wearable or intelligent device with other networking equipments are all helpful to improve logistics management.

“A large amount of data generated by IOT is a chance to create the intelligent warehousing for inventory management. The expandability and reliability of LOT technology make it smarter, more productive and accurate, allowing to track and record the goods any time through management system.” Said Technavio, a industry expert.

Nowadays, inventory system based on the cloud has been widely used, which benefit enterprises to master their own inventory, location and due date, even predicting needs. Barcodes or RFID tags are usually attached to the products, which is convenient to scan and identify.

With the development of inventory management, IOT technology has been brought in. The information of products with RFID tags can be tracked easily, including not only transmitting the data promptly to the inventory system, but also the information of temperature, flows, damage and the weather. IOT hopefully can innovate global logistics industry so as to relief the overloaded pressure caused by lacking strategic management.


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