Introduction to metal cards

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Effie   2017/10/24

Introduction to metal cards

Metal cards, as the name shown,is made of metals, commonly used metal mainly are brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, etc., using a variety of new technology such as stamping, corrosion, printing, polishing, plating, coloring, sculpture, silk screen, and so on, as well as the implementation of strict quality testing and other procedures.Metal card is a durable and solid card type which is widely used on business, loyalty system

Metal card type

Metal card, including metal gold card, metal silver card, metal IC card and a series of products, using a variety of metal materials, made by the multi-channel traditional Technology and modern advanced technology .


As unique relief three-dimensional and real gold-like color of the metal card , making it the best choice material for high-end VIP card, membership card, commemorative card, calendar card and so on. This kind of card is also particularly suitable for the various commemorative cards with long possession , such as: wedding, school celebration, business opening, conference, retirement and other special commemorative, welcomed all of hotels, clubs to order those cards from Shenzhen Nexqo Technology Co., Ltd.


The most common size is the standard card CR80 size, which is 85mm × 54mm, it can also be produced according to customer requirements with other shapes and sizes.


Commonly used thickness is 0.3mm, can also be made to 0.35mm, 0.40mm, 0.50mm, 0.6mm, 0.80mm and so on.


Can be printed code,corrosion convex code, corrosion concave code, convex code and so on, which is normally use for personal & group business card,creative gift card, VIP card ,smart magnetic stripe card ,etc.

Advantages of Nexqo

Various styles and customers designs are available.

Different colors and finishes are available.

High quality and best service

Prompt Delivery

Customized Design

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