IoT will Completely Transform the Home Experience

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The experts who focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) think the software is the future of all home appliances and enables it more efficient. It’s expected that the home based on IoT technology will gain good traction in the near future in India. Experts said the IoT will change the home experience totally and enable home appliances to save more power and time and offer more safety and convenience for the homeowner.

Expect homes, several luxury hotel chains in India plan to control the facilities in rooms by using voice control. Although many global companies have taken this measure, India will follow this trend. Nithin K. David, Chief Product Experience Officer (CPO) of Oakter Smart Home, a Delhi-based startup specialising in IoT told THE WEEK: “Hotel industry is adopting voice control technology all over the world, this technology is not only used for controlling appliances in hotel rooms but also used for many services such as drinking, housekeeping and concierge.”

Oakter is devoting itself to offer this technology to Indian hotel operators. IoT is used for connecting home appliances through the Internet to easy to operate by using software based on the cloud. The company develops devices such as OakRemote and Smartplug to transform the existing home appliances into smart home appliances.

David said: “These devices are similar to Google’s IoT device called Chromecast which can transform the TV to smart TV. Our devices will transform lights, fans, water heater, AC, water pump and set-top box to smart devices. Customers are using our IoT devices when they are travelling IoT devices can water plants automatically, switch on the AC before coming home, set daily schedules for water heaters to start early morning and stop when everyone in a family has taken a bath. These devices also set daily schedules for a water pump, based on utility supply for water.”


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