Japan’s MES Adopts RFID Labels to Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

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Nancy   March 30, 2018

Singapore Xerafy, a leading company that offers passive UHF RFID data collection in hash environments all over the world, announced that Japan’s Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding (MES) is using RFID label for its work-in-process (WIP) management in Xerafy’s MES Oita Works facility. MES is a global engineering company that specializes in energy systems, marine vessels, and infrastructure.

With the port investment and infrastructure expanding, the demand of material handling devices is increasing. The increasing crane orders of MES brings further pressure for improving efficiency.

Xerafy began cooperating with MES Oita Works in June 2016. MES chose Xerafy’s Mercury Metal Skin UHF RFID label, due to its high ability and durability outside. It can track parts, therefore Oita Works facility can adopt end-to-end tracking by using RFID reader. First, these labels will be connected with order data; second, printed by using RFID printer; third, offered to supplier when the orders are placed.

Mercury Metal Skin UHF RFID label can work on the surface of metal or nonmetal and be flexible enough to be printed on standard RFID printer, in order to offer needed visual information in some processes that data might not be accessed. They offer read range on metal of up to 13 feet (4m), and include 128-bit user memory.

Suppliers will mark parts before they transport parts to Oita Works facility. Each supplier will receive new order and corresponding RFID labels when finishing the delivery of parts to facility. RFID solution saves production time and improve the accuracy of inventory management.

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