JD.com opens its first unmanned store in Indonesia

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JD.com recently introduced its concept of an unmanned store in Indonesia, the first time the technology platform has been launched outside China.

Located in the PIK Avenue shopping mall in Jakarta, the newly opened JD.ID X-Mart covers an area of 270 square meters and is the largest retail location to showcase the technology of unmanned shops in Jingdong. It offers a range of products such as fashion and apparel, fast moving consumer goods and beauty products.

The Chinese e-commerce giant said the new JD.ID X-Mart utilizes a variety of technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), RFID (radio frequency identification) and facial recognition, enabling customers to choose the products they want,and take their shopping bags go straight out without having to stop and pay. This also means that customers can try on a shirt in the fitting room and then wear it straight out of the store.

Customers can enter the store through JD’s app and verify their identity through facial recognition technology. Every item in the store comes with an RFID tag, so the sensor can capture the details of the product they carry when the customer leaves the store. This information is then added to the customer’s transaction and charged to their Jingdong account.

RFID tags use electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. This is a more expensive solution that does not require a cashier checkout process. There are also some unmanned stores in China that allow users to scan the items they want to buy, basically a self-checkout process.

A camera is placed throughout the site to track shopper activity within the store space and to create a hotspot map to indicate traffic flow and product selection. This data can also be used to analyze customer preferences in order to optimize store inventory and shelf location.

JD previously launched an online shopping platform in Indonesia in March 2016. Currently, it sells more than 350,000 SKUs and serves 20 million consumers nationwide.


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