Kochi Metro Will Adopt NFC Technology

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After Kochi metro launched travelling discount daily, weekend and monthly passes, it will adopt near field communication (NFC) technology that allows passenger enter Kochi buses, metro and ferries.

It under the development for RuPay card. RBI norms require its technology is designed according to norms. Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) worker states that the software that offers discount is being tested by Axis Bank and it will be published in the coming two or tree months.

They all pay attention to install GPS on private buses in this area before April. Due to Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) devices must be installed on buses equipped with GPS in Greater Kochi, Kochi-1 prepaid smart cards will be used by  inter-modal way in other five months. The Kochi-1 journey planner app too is on the anvil. They said that Kochi-1 is not only a bus card, but also an open-loop, prepaid debit card which has multi-modal and commercial uses.

KMRL will work with Axis Bank to launch discount NFC season card which is a prepaid option of a recently popular Kochi-1 card and can be used for a specified number of journeys. Once ready, clients will gain over 20% discount than prepaid card user. “We hope there are more passengers after announcing discount and adopting NFC technology.” said metro worker.

KMRL announced the introduction of monthly passes in January, passenger can have 40% discount in their 60 times travels. The passenger who bought the card were also to get discounts on parking fee.

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