Las Vegas – The First Place to Get Transit Ticket Support in Google Pay

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After Google combines Google Wallet with Android to an app Google Pay, the company is looking for a more convenient payment way by expanding payment function. It is said that Google plans to introduce transit ticket support into the app with classical Google fashion style. It will be launched in stage.

The first place to get transit ticket support in Google Pay is Las Vegas. Passengers can get in small fast Las Vegas Monorail which only supports Google Pay by using NFC enabled Android devices, as of March 19th. However, passengers need to buy ticket on website, then choose “save to smart phone” option. When you go through a fare gate, you just need to hold your phone on the terminal. You even needn’t open app. Once your ticket is accepted, a blue check mark pops up on your screen and you’re good to go.

Although Google doesn’t publish any news about the payment that will be launched more widely. However, according to the Android Police, the Google page of Australian and the UK has upgraded to public traffic. Therefore, Australian or the UK is possible to be the next country that gains this function.

Except getting in traffic tools by using phone, many large banks like Bank of America and Chase are installing AMT machine without card. For user with account in these banks, they can make withdrawals easily by using NFC enabled Android phone. Some banks are more advanced, they combine Google Pay totally into their own apps. Most of banks that already support Apple Pay will back Google’s service as both use similar NFC technology for payments.

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