LaunderPal: a smart laundry basket that used RFID technology

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Take Off, an IoT startup in Sydney, Australia, has developed a smart home laundry basket called LaunderPal that recognizes your clothes with RFID tags and sends useful information to your smartphone APP.

According to its inventor, LaunderPal can help you manage your clothing through a set of components that work individually or together. These components include a smart laundry basket, a LaunderPal APP, a washable RFID tag, and a back-end server for extended services. All of these components work together to help you always have clean clothes available. Rather, they tell you which clothes are in the basket and which are not. In addition, the system helps protect your clothes from stretching, shrinking, fading, bleeding, and more. It recommends a suitable washing regimen based on the clothing care label.

The basket itself has a built-in RFID reader that recognizes clothes through RFID tags when you throw them in. The LaunderPal APP receives the data and you can view the clothes in the basket on your phone. In addition, each family member can have his or her own profile to manage their clothes. The RFID tag is washable, hypoallergenic and can be ironed. Don’t worry that they will fall off and they won’t fall off. According to LaunderPad developer, the label is easy to stick to the clothes and does not fall off when washing and ironing. There are 20 RFID tags on the package, but you can order 20 more and the price is $10. The back-end LaunderPal server also offers other services, such as recommending new brands or specific accessories that match your style.

In summary, LaunderPal is very practical for your family. If the project achieves their goals on Kickstarter, its manufacturing will begin in October 2018.

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