LEGIC Identsystems LTD chose WISEKEY to become its security partner for mobile service

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Emma   2017/11/22

WISeKey International Holding Ltd, which is a leading cyber-security and LOT company, today announced that LEGIC Identsystems Ltd (LEGIC, for short) has chosen WISeKey as its security partner for enabling mobile service security for the innovative LEGIC mobile ID and RFID offering.

LEGIC is a solution provider and expert for contactless identification through RFID, NFC, and Bluetooth Smart.   LEGIC is a security pusher enable to secure any mobile service, which aims to satisfy the current and future needs for security against cyber-attacks or cybercrime.  With LEGIC Connect, a smartphone or smartwatch can not only operate numerous capacities, but not limited to, a door opener, train tickets, time and attendance tracker, and car key. With LEGIC’s technology, you simply press th button, all the rights of a contactless card or other virtual credential can be migrated to smart devices

“As a long-term security partner of LEGIC for sucn a long time, we are very happy to continue our collaboration with WISeKey to secure our new LEGIC offering,” said Dr. Otto Eggimann, LEGIC’s Vice President in Operations and Business Units Asia & Americas.

Bernard Vian, WISeKey Semiconductor’s Managing Director said that:“ We are very proud to be chosen by LEGIC for this project.  This agreement is estimated to generate revenue of several million dollars for WISeKey, over the life of the project.”


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