RFID enters the scale application stage revealing technology short board gradually

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Effie   2017/10/25

RFID is “Radio Frequency identification” . Simply speaking, an RFID chip like a U disk, can be stored in specific data, and emit radio frequency signals. The receiver can capture the signal within a certain distance. With the progress of science and technology, RFID technology has been widely used.

Into the 21st century, RFID has been making a breakthrough progress in the application of domestic financial payment, identity, traffic management, military and security, asset Management, anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting, financial, logistics, industrial control and other fields, and began to enter the scale of application stage in some areas.

Today the global retail industry giants are “electrocuted” RFID. For example, fast fashion clothing chain brand UR, achieved the 7-day leading time in the world, product updates two times per store weekly , introducing million of new products each year through the RFID Application management supply chain technology.

And Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, has also asked suppliers to affix RFID tags to boxes and containers, develop a supply-and-demand storage system based on RFID technology and a global satellite positioning system, which can save US $8.35 billion a year by adopting RFID technology.

It is known that the role of RFID tags, is to allow consumers to automatically identify the settlement through the label, greatly saving the labor costs in cash register link . But the embarrassment is that the label needs to be manually affixed to the goods, that is, the cashier liberate the hands, labeling human investment has increased at the same time. This is obviously contrary to the thought of “no one”. The unmanned supermarket with the RFID Tag , also only to be seemed “unmanned”, it is still a lot of human cost input behind .

In addition, RFID tag itself has a certain cost. For example, the  RFID tag of each commodity is five cents, the cost of itself is not low. As a result, labor costs can not be saved, and additional cost tag costs are required. Besides, the retail sector itself is not very profitable, and any increase in costs will pose a huge challenge to profitability. The “unmanned supermarket”, which should have saved the operating cost, has lost its meaning because of a small label.

Therefore, whether it is RFID technology or other artificial intelligence technology, the key to really apply to the field of unmanned retail, is how can the real landing to solve the real business problem .

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