Logan’s Libraries Launch RFID Self-checkout Kiosks

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Recently, Logan’s libraries have gone high-tech and launched self-checkout kiosks combined with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology which can save time and manpower. Reader can finish the process of borrowing book fast and easily.

The local council has invested $1.2 million to launch RFID technology in all libraries of nine areas over the city. The new RFID system allows library clients to automatically borrow and return books and DVD equipped with RFID tags by using library card and mobile device. The local council hopes that RFID technology can speed up the checkout, at the same time, reduce the pressure of library workers. They manage 4 million loans manually each year, before the RFID technology launched.

At Logan Central Library, workers spent four months to attach RFID tags to 500,000 books, DVD and other items in the library. Logan mayor Luke Smith said that the hard work was finished, RFID technology enabled workers to have time to focus on other plans.

He said: “It will help meet the demand in the future, and release workers to spend more time to support clients and offer community programs.”

“The 22 kiosks are suitable for all ages and abilities. The size of word can be adjusted to read easily. There are more than fifty languages supported for non-English speaking user. With the advance technology launched, there will be more and more reader go to library.” said Councillor Steve Swenson.

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