LogiTag Company Provides RFID Inventory Solution for Hadassah Hospital

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Nancy   2018/02/28

Hadassah chooses LogiTag’s medical solution as the only one supplier for hospital infrastructure solution. This solution can manage the implants and medical devices of hospital. LogiTag offers RFID solution and system for tracking hospital’s items in the process of development, manufacturing and sale, and managing and monitoring hospital’s inventory. Hadassah is one of the leading non-profit private hospitals in Israel.

Hadassah tests in its main OR for six months and combines with SAP software totally to manage the implants and heart valves. The SmartCabinet technology that combines cloud server with LogiPlatform manages the inventory that send by hospital OR from supplier site. And it back to the supplier by sending replenishment orders for consignment inventory and regular procured products.

Hadassah deploys the SmartCabinet technology of LogiTag –storing heart valve implants in the smart cabinets of OR cleaning code supply room. Each received item will be equipped with RFID tags that from supplier and they will be put into cabinets. This system integrates with ERP system of SAP hospital and offers online inventory information, including batch ID, expiration dates, and serial number.

LogiTag system offers real-time online information of hospital and supplier, including hospital inventory levels, out of data items, replenishment orders and report to charge projects. The system offers safer and simpler clinical workflows centered on the patient and security enhancements that promote hospital compliance work and narcotics safety.

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