L’Oreal Releases UV Sense with NFC Chip in CES

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Nancy   2018/01/16

CES 2018 has been opened in Las Vegas, the United States. In this new field of science and technology top event, all participating brands have come up with their own best skills, hoping to show their strength in the world.

L’Oreal shows a micro-wearable device called UV Sense on January 8 at Beijing time in the preview of CES 2018. The micro electronic sensor, just 2mm thickness and 9mm in diameter. It can be placed on nails, sunglasses or any other item exposed to the sun and this wearable device helps clients prevent skin cancer.

UV Sense is truly just a sensor, it doesn’t pair over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to your phone. Clients can know the situation of UV light outdoors by connecting with the APP in phone via NFC. All the data collected allows the user to determine when UV light should be taken care of. If the user attaches the sensor to the sneaker and sees the approximate situation of UV exposure on the runway, it can be adjusted by taking better sun protection measures or by choosing alternative routes. According to L’Oreal, the inside of it is an NFC chip, a UV sensor, and a battery that will last years.

In addition, L’Oréal also exhibited a sticker used to detect UV rays, which has no electronic structure and generates certain chemical changes by ultraviolet radiation. And then shoot stickers through the APP in phone, clients can identify the UV conditions outdoor.

The final goal for this technology is that it will replace the bulky and invasive monitors strapped onto patients. The device is so small, and it is encouraging that there are packing a flexible circuit board, capacitor and an LED in its tiny frame. After all, if the partnership can solve the issues of power and transmission, then it’s possible that future devices in this range will be more autonomous. That should reduce the investment by hospitals normally, and make patients’ lives a little bit easier.

It is known that L’Oreal UV Sense will be exclusively offered by dermatologists this year and is expected to be launched globally in 2019. Although the pricing has not been confirmed yet, L’Oreal said the price will be around US $ 40 (about RMB260).


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