Lufthansa Group will Adopt BAGTAG’s RFID Bag Tag

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Nancy   March 15, 2018

Lufthansa Group has announced that they have a partnership with BAGTAG, a company offers electronic baggage tags. Lufthansa Group will adopt the latest electronic baggage tags of BAGTAG. This cooperation will allow passengers flying with Lufthansa, Austrian and SWISS Airlines to use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) bag tags rather than traditional paper tags. RFID bag tags will bring a lot of convenience for passengers.

The BAGTAG device can be attached to suitcases and bags by using fastening screws and a mounting plate. There is an e-paper display that shows all of the relevant flight information on the device, as the same function as a paper bag tag. Passengers can receive their baggage label and boarding pass by the airline’s Android app to check-in. The bag label information can then be transferred to the BAGTAG device by using a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection. This allows passengers to proceed directly to bag drop upon arrival at the airport.

The BAGTAG device use unique hardware encryption technology to sure that the data is transmitted between the phone and device safely. All relevant information is also stored on an embedded RFID chip. The robust and weather resistant enclosure and the high-resolution e-paper display shielded by an impact absorbing lens to sure that the device does not get damaged during the journey.

Pieter Stor, CEO of BAGTAG said: “We are extremely proud to introduce a new device that will totallly change the way people travel with their luggage. There are more than 4 billion thermal paper tags printed each year. Our goals are reducing the harmful environmental impact of paper tags and drastically improving the passenger journey experience.”

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