MagiKit iPhone Case Can Be Used as A Key Card

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Nancy   March 28, 2018

MagiKit is the first phone case with near field communication (NFC) and radio frequency identification (RFID) functions. That makes it  easier and more convenient for millions of Apple user to use access key cards on a daily basis for work, transportation or entering secured housing communities. It is offered in Kickstarter.

Winker Wang, Founder of MagiKit Inc. said: “When I lost or forgot my access key card, it was very inconvenient for me. Many people meet the same problem with me. We use our smart phones most of the time, so we develop a smart phone solution that creating a MagiKit iPhone Case with NFC/RFID function to make our lives easier.”

He noted: “Although NFC iPhone reader has been applied since iPhone 6, it only can be used with Apply Pay and can’t be integrated to access key card. With MagiKit, we see an opportunity to creat a new product which allows Apple user to get benefit from NFC technology.”

There are two mini inner access key cards in MagiKit iPhone Case, work frequencies of the case are 125KHz and 13.56MHz. People can use MagiKit Case by two ways:User can put access key card into any customized slot of MagiKit iPhone Case that is suitable for ISO card. Or user directly incorporate access credentials by emulating it to the case. There are two mini access key cards that are used to work access control or the place that user chose. MagiKit adopts black, light blue and orange patterned-cover designs.

Wang said: “MagiKit also is an ideal solution for public transportation that makes access faster and easier. Simply slide your public transportation card into the slot in the phone case and you’re ready to tap and go.”

MagiKit also offers an advanced function and they advise user must show their badge to identify. This function enables to code access credential of user to one of the two mini inner cards by using the technology of MagiKit Box IoT and APP. With this function, user can use a smart phone as an access key card without any physical key card.

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