Malaysia plans to issue free RFID tags to vehicles

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The Malaysian government plans to launch radio frequency identification (RFID) at the toll gates next year, and the Ministry of Transportation is discussing with Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd (TnG) to distribute electromagnetic tags early next year.

Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi said RFID tags will be distributed free of charge to all Malaysian vehicles.

Abdul Aziz said the government is trying to implement the system on all toll roads across the country and technical testing is already underway.

Currently, the RFID system being tested will replace the existing TnG physical card and cash payment for the national toll road. The use of the RIFD system speeds up the flow of vehicles within the toll booth because it allows the use of a doorless toll system, thereby eliminating the downtime that users encounter in traditional closed toll collection systems. In addition to providing a smoother flow, RFID tags also appear to be connected to TnG e-wallet accounts. This can be very convenient for users because they can use the TnG mobile app to directly fund funds to the user without having to access the store to recharge.

Abdul Aziz said RFID technology will be used this month to implement a vehicle entry permit (VEP) at the Johor-Singapore border gate.

At present, about 450,000 vehicles from Singapore enter Malaysia each month, which will enable the Malaysian government to charge a road fee of 150 million yuan per month.

He said that after the implementation of RFID tags on the Johor-Singapore border, a similar approach will be implemented at the gates of the Malaysia-Thailand border later this year.

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