Manhattan Associates Researches on How RFID Technology can Improve Inventory Accuracy

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Craig Summers, Managing Director UK, Manhattan Associates researches on how retailers can transform both inventory management and client experience. Retailers are beginning to adopt RFID technology to improve inventory accuracy. There will be more benefits of deploying RFID technology. On the one hand, real-time tracking enables retailers to gain unprecedented insight into the way that clients interact with products in store. On the other hand, and even more importantly, by feeding highly accurate store-level inventory data into an end to end order management system, retailers can transform both the inventory utilisation and customer experience.

RFID technology becomes a mainstream technology. With the lower cost, more and more retailers hope explore this real-time tracking project in store and inventory to improve inventory management primarily.

Except low cost of RFID label, new UHF RFID reader can catch inventory data, replacing old hand-held reader. Therefore, retailers pay more attention to the replace rate of vest in stores which use RFID technology: the return that reported by retailers is rasing from 60 percent to 90 percent, and there is a chance to redistribute Store Associates to more valuable activities facing clients.

After tracking each client online interaction to improve sales and client experience, both RFID and order management technology offer opportunity of finishing same operation in store, trade data and synchronise inventory. This combination offers entire insight for clients and products, and enables retailers delivery appropriate products in appropriate time to get interests and creat the best customer experience.

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