Melia introduces RFID wristbands at the resort

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Melia Hotels International is providing guests with RFID wristbands that allow them to experience life without a wallet or a key at the resort. The project was developed by Oracle and customers can pay directly to the resort’s various services through a Bluetooth connection to the Melia app.

The doors of the hotel rooms can also be opened by bracelets that have been tried in two properties in Magaluf, Mallorca. The pilot project plans to add another four properties in mid-August. Guests with bracelets can use it at any of the nine Melia resorts in Magaluf. The Melia app also allows parents to control their credit lines through the children’s bracelets.

In fact, this hotel chain is not the first hotel to try the concept of a wristband. In 2011, a hotel in Ushuaia Beach connects guests to social media via an RFID-based wristband. Through the sensors throughout the Ibiza Resort, visitors can social check-in, status updates and upload photos during their stay.

In 2013, Walt Disney World launched the same RFID-based MagicBand, which was first launched at a resort in Orlando. This wristband is part of the company’s MyMagic+ project experience, opening the gates of the resort, carrying park tickets, photos, money and quick passes that were previously booked online. The company can also use the bracelet to personalize the holiday experience.

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