If you want to remember your wallet or password put a RING on it!

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Emma   2017/7/5

In the Token world, you never need to bring a wallet, door keys or transit passes, and you do not even have to remember your computer password, just wear your smart ring on your finger. Token, a newly established hardware company, has introduced its first product, Token Ring. This ring can store your credentials and use fingerprints to protect user privacy. Starting at $ 249, Token rings are now on sale and the first smart rings will begin shipping in December. The United States mainstream online media BI recently revealed the true content of this ring to readers.

The Token Ring has a fingerprint scanner built in, which means you’re the only one who can use it. When you scan your fingers, this smart ring will light, you can point it at your finger. If the light turns red, it means the ring does not belong to you.

Token’s smart ring also has a built-in optical sensor. When you take the ring down, it can feel it and lock your credentials.

Token rings are water-resistant and can withstand pressures up to 50 meters deep, eliminating the need to remove them when showering or swimming.

Token ring battery can last 2 weeks. When you need to charge, simply place the ring on the wireless charging dock.

Token’s Smart Ring stores your credit card information in a similar way to ApplePay or AndroidPay. After you add MasterCard or Visa Card information to your ring, you can complete the shopping by scanning the ring in the store.

To add a credit card, you need to bind the ring to the Token application. This application is currently supported iOS, Android, Windows10 and OSX and other systems.

In the Token app, you can also add your own passwords, set smart locks, activate pass cards, transit passes, and even cars.

When you add a transit pass, you can utilize the ring at any transportation hub with an NFC reader.

Token rings can also be used to unlock the door. When you align the ring with the lock, it can open the door for you. It can also help you lock the door in the same way. Token has also developed its own smart lock, which can be used with a smart ring for $ 100.

If you feel it is difficult to remember your password, you can also save it in the ring. When you want to turn on the laptop, just tap 2 times, the password will be automatically filled in, the computer will be unlocked to start.

Unlock your computer needs to use Bluetooth. The reason you need to tap twice is because you need to activate Bluetooth in the ring so it can start searching for your device.

Token rings can also be used in cars. The company sells the included plug that allows you to open the door with a ring and eventually even start the car with it.

Token rings can also replace passports in the office. Token also applies the same technique to scannable badges so that you can add your own message to the ring.

Token ring price from 249 US dollars to 299 US dollars, is now ready to be booked.

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