MeReal Biometrics Combines Biometrics and NFC Technologies for New Card Solution

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Some hotel companies are deploying or testing credit cards developed by MeReal Biometrics, using a combination of biometrics and Near Field Communication (NFC) RFID chips. This card ensures that the company meets privacy regulations while also offering a variety of cards for access control, VIP treatment and payment options.

Blot said that the purpose of this card is not just to provide access control. The battery-powered biometric card has built-in fingerprint biometrics, an acoustic signature transmitter and an NFC chip, and is currently marketing for VIP and loyalty services as well as payment and security services. It can be loaded with funds for physical and online access, or for payments on a closed or open network. It comes with a portable charger that can transmit data via NFC or voice if there is a reader or microphone. With NFC, the device can also use NFC‘s smartphone or tablet.

Blot added that because biometric data is stored directly on the card rather than in the issuer database that can be hacked, it provides cardholders with greater security. Therefore, the user can simply unlock the NFC function by placing the thumb or finger on the sensor on the card, and then point the card toward the NFC card reader. The system also allows multiple fingers to be entered so that one fingerprint can have different privileges or perform different functions.

Davies said that this flexibility is one of the advantages of this card. The system can be set up so that the cardholder can use only the NFC RFID chip in the card to enter through the normal doorway without the need for a fingerprint sensor. However, the fingerprint sensor can be used or required to enter the cardholder’s room. “Our credit card is dynamic enough to comply with regulations that do not allow biometric data to be used at the front door.”

In Nice, the Palais de Mediterranee is using these cards to provide employees with access control for their work needs. At the same time, in Macau, a hotel and casino has begun experimenting with this card for VIP customers. Regular customers have this card (about 1000 people will participate in the pilot in the middle of the year), they are using this technology to get the VIP channel.

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