Microsoft Applies for Patent of Secure NFC Technology

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Nancy   2018/02/09

Microsoft Technology submited patent to WIPO on January 27, 2017. This patent is released on January 30, 2018. The title of this patent is Secure Near Field Communications. The patent describes the following situation and solution:

NFC always rely on as suriety as a security features, so that two devices can exchange data quickly. However, NFC trade privacy should be improved by attaching security features due to eavesdroppers and malicious parties become more complex in receiving hardware, and carry out devices to implement man-in-the-middle attacks at the data exchange point.

Passive communication device encodes its data onto the carrier oblivious to the modulation, and the active communication device keeps a cache of the modulations. Therefore, their effect on the communications from the passive communication device can be removed by the active communication device.

This technology is likely to be implemented on the upcoming Microsoft Ultimate Mobile and Surface PCs. In the patent, Microsoft interprets Near Field Communication (NFC) as a communication technology that allows two devices to wirelessly transmit data over a small area. Windos 10 foldable Microsoft device might include Secure Near Field Communication (SNFC) technology. It’s worth noting that Micorsoft applies for the patent of new hinge device of foldable phone. The patent aims to keep the stability of free stop technology and hinge device.

These patents are related to mobile device with double screens and new hinge. These devices can achieve a kind of appearance size. This patent means that foldable phone is another try that Microsoft invents new product categery.

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