Microsoft Plans to Reduce the Cost of IoT Farm

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Nancy   2017/12/14

The market research includs the status of global Internet of Things (IoT) market in smart farms at prasent and development of it in the future from 2017 to 2021. Raghav Bharadwaj Shivaswamy says, Technavio lead analyst, “The global IoT market of smart farms will develop quickly. It will be supported by the need of Asia and Latin America markets. The developing countries will supply high potential for smart farming IoT market, because of the growth of farms in developing country and the need of these countries to run their farm availably.

A senior company official said, at resent, technoligy giant Microsoft India in Hyderabad hard tries to derease the cost of using IoT in farms by dereasing the cost of sensors and the usage of other devices.

This company under the developing of Project FarmBeats tests these solutions by making a partnership with Gandhi Krishi Vignana Kendra (GKVK) that a part of the University of Agricultural Sciences.

Sriram Rajamani notes, a managing director in Microsoft Research India, “the fact shows that we can derease the cost of making sensor box because we don’t need many components. The other reason why those parts are expensive is because these things fail so people will have to put more expensive sensors. We find that we can use sensors at lower price by using software to test failures.”

In addtion, this company has a plan to take photoes of farms by helium gas-based balloons equiptd with camera. And knowing the pattern that benefits on seeding by tecting the heat signatures.

Rajamani said, “We hope we can gain benefits on this method. Our company developed this model a year ago and are pilot testing it now. Because of farm holdings are too small here in India to map our farms by using drones”.

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