Milestone Integrated Systems Offers RFID Solution for Retailers

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Nancy   2018/02/07

House of Busby, a South retailer deploy a solution based on RFID in its store of Johannesburg to improve visibility of inventory and decrease the time of checking inventory. This solution is supplied by Milestone Integerated Systems in South East African that offers loss prevention management solution. House of Busby sells luggage and handbag, meanwhile it offers brank management for other firms.

About 7000 kind of items like clothes, wallet and sunglasses have been attached with passive UHF RFID tags since this system works.

When the store receives goods and display them, eployees use RFID reader to recode these tags. There are UHF RFID reader and barcode in these readers. Clients can use these devices to reader the ID numbers of tags and SKU information of goods by scanning QR code. While the RFID number and barcode will be bound in the cloud software.

When inventory checking, eployees scan tags by using handheld readers. Employees can read the ID of goods in the shelves around them by three steps. First, open the app in the deveice. Second, check the inventory by the hint. Third, walk around in the storage. The reader will sent the data to the cloud software via cellular network or WiFi network.

The reader also is installed on cash register. When clinet checks out in the store, he/she just needs to put the items near the reader. The tag ID information of items will be sent to software to upset their status.

There is a reader in the exit of store. The software will sent an alert, when clients carrying items without payment pass through the gate of store.

Neels Lourens, the general manager of this company, says: “The labor in inventory checking has dereased dramatically, since using this technology. It takes two days to finish inventory checking takes before using RFID technology. However, it’s down to half an hour now.” It not only dereases operating costs and improves the accuracy of inventory, but also indirectly improves the store profits. House of Busby is considering about installing the RFID system in other stores.

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