MSM launches RFID and barcode website

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emma 2017/10/13

Resently,MSM,The supplier of global auto-identification and data acquire technology, starts  a new website focused on the barcode and RFID solution, which could help corporates to  recognize, track, count, and manage the commodities in the whole supply chain.

MSM provides a series of technology and support in the aspect of retail, manufacture,  health care, car, distribution, RFID, barcode, moving and printing solution in the website.

The website highlights the Portal Track, a software which can be customed and based on the  cloud monitors millions of objects every day. It has been deployed by substantial global  leading brand.

Brett Wilkerson, the business development manager of MSM,declares in the preparing that  focused on the RFID, barcode,solution and support, the website can help our clients to  promote their core competence. It provides the latest information about RFID, barcode  hardware technology and Portal Track solution.

It also provides methods of technology application, such as EPC printing, encoding, area  and project tracking, inventory management, brand protection, auto-printing, tag system,  transportation and receive. What’s more, the website contains the perfect practice and  vedio, which can help corporates to learn from the clients in the MSM.

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