Networked Vehicle will Achieve NFC Payment

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Nancy   March 22, 2018

There is an In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) system in modern vehicle commonly. This kind of system includes many functions like communication, GPS, multimedia and wireless. A software executing these function needs a complex system to offer foundational service. Top suppliers and vehicle manufacturer prefer to adopt exist and authorised operation system including Windows, QNX or Linux to build IVI system, rather than develop totally customized operation system.

IVI system can be built by integrated with operation system, SoC and application, like building a phone. Therefore, some applications like Google pay, Samsung pay and Apple pay can combine with hardware of NFC or BLE and technology such as QR code and HCE to achieve the aim of mobile payment.

For example, when driver refuels a car, he or she can communicate with security, short distance and need to be authorised gas station pump through IVI system. Once the oil has been added, driver make a payment via network.

Once networked vehicle payment become a real application, it can make payment easier in a lot kind of situations such as road toll, parking, car tax, the restaurant needn’t stop car.

It is expected that vehicle and technology industry can achieve networked car payment in 2018. Because IVI system has ability to offer a more compatible platform, and enable to third-part developer to offer service and software.

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