ROVINJ-Smart Retail Platform

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Effie   2017/12/1

RFID Technology has been permeated almost every facet of our lives, which changes people’s consumption habit. ROVINJ-Smart Retail Platform, on the one hand, strengthens information management of brand retail store and improves the working efficiency and service quality by automatically welcoming, Picking up customers’ information and management with RFID Tech. On the other hand, based on intelligent recommended method of RFID data from analysis system, it recommends suitable products favored by customers from the perspective of fashion experts and buying habit, which promotes the shopping experience greatly.

The database of VIP customers

According to every consumption record, the database is built to record aesthetics, shopping habits, size and preference. Once you entered the door, smart interactive terminal can sense the membership and remind the inner shopping guide. The database offers accurate push and guiding service.

RFID Fitting Room

Intelligent system sense automatically. Terminal interface show the best visual effects of customers’ wearing with the careful-screening match. Easy operation with smart design interface. High efficient man-machine integration, which enables costumers to interactive with shop assistants directly by pressing the button. The whole system can provide the most appropriate style and size for every single customers to discover the perfect match.

Marketing Data Analysis

With gathering try-on data from customers, the job of brand managers which is positioning product marketing and forecasting the trends is strongly data supported by implementing big data analysis.

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