New NFC Features in iPhones will Upgrade to Unlock Rooms and Cars

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It is reported that Apple will upgrade iPhones that equipped with near-field communication (NFC) chips which can unlock the door of cars and hotel rooms.

NFC chips will be equipped with iPhone 6 and up, allowing to exchange information with contactless. Users also can pay the cost when they are shopping in stores with Apple Pay by placing the phone close to reader supported credit card. Apple is expanding its function to build a security system to interact with smart lock, cars even public traffic payment devices.

The company has employees open the doors in the new Cupertino campus by using their iPhones. Although some smart lock can be used with Bluetooth, NFC is more secure thanks to it stores the sensitive data on its chip that operating system and contents are isolated.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple starts to devote itself to achieve the function improvement of NFC chip. However, it only allows for scanning RFID tags recently. If the information is correct, the company is possible to open up its API to allow the third part to use the chip. It also can pay for subway rides by emulating transportation card.

Apple may have a chance to catch up Android phone manufacturer in the contactless payment solution. The devices from Google and Samsung can access security rooms and buildings by using NFC. But more importantly, it might encourage IoT hardware makers to support NFC authentication for their connected gadgets more widely in the future. Expect to hear more at Apple’s upcoming WWDC event starting June 4.

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