Nexqo Introduces Its Anti-metal Tag

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Nancy   2018/01/26

In many applications, RFID tags need to be affixed to the surface of metal objects, but the performance of normal passive UHF RFID tags applied to metal surfaces can be greatly affected, and can not even be read effectively. However, Nexpo’s anti-metal tag effectively solve this problem.

Nexqo’s anti-metal tag is a special anti-magnetic microwave absorbing material package into the electronic tag. Its small size, the reading range of it is more than 8 meters and the frequency of 840-960 MHz. It adopts ABS, PPA, ceramics and other materials. It’s waterproof, anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-collision, and it can be used indoors or outdoors.

There are mainly two aspects of metal objects that affect the tag antenna parameters and performance. One is the antenna field and the other is the antenna parameters such as impedance, S-parameter and radiation efficiency. Antennas work in the field with the reader into the incident wave reflected by the metal plate and the reflected wave, and there is a certain phase difference between incident wave and reflected wave , resulting in a certain extent, the two offset each other so that the field strong weaken.

Therefore, the tag antenna working in this environment can not sense enough current to provide energy for the tag chip, so that the tag chip can not be activated and can not work. The change of antenna parameters is due to the antenna work in the metal surface, the metal plate as a part of the antenna itself, so that even if the physical size of the antenna has not changed, the impedance value and S parameters have changed, resulting a decreased performance in antenna.

The anti-metal electronic tag attaching on the metal provides good reading performance even further than in air. Anti-metal tag with a special circuit design, can effectively prevent the metal on the radio frequency signal interference. Suitable for outdoor power equipment inspection, a variety of electric home appliances product tracking, asset management, logistics management and auto parts process management. It is particularly applied in IT assets such as computer hosts, server enclosures, aluminum bars and shelf identification.

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