Nexqo Introduces Its RFID Key Fob

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Nancy   2018/03/02

RFID electronic tag of RFID key fob is composed of a chip and an inductor coil connected with the chip. It belongs to the technical field of radio frequency identification. The RFID key fob comprises a key ring and a pendant. The hanging part which are hung on the key ring, and the RFID electronic tag is arranged in the pendant. Only the RFID key fob pendant closes to reader, the data in the chip of RFID tag can be scanned. And that also can achieve the corresponding effect of RFID tag.

Nexqo uses ABS or leather to package the chip. RFID key fob is coupled with a key ring, simple and generous. Nexqo’s RFID key fob has two shapes of oval and drip, it is small size and lightweight. It also has the features of high water resistance and drop resistance. From low frequency 125KHz to high frequency 13.56MHz. The standard size of Nexqo’s RFID key fob is 38mm x 30mm x 6mm. Nexqo also can offer customized service. The operating temperature is from -30℃ to +80℃. RFID key fob could be applied widely to the RFID fields such as property, bus, attendance management and access system.

The RFID key fob reading and writing process between coupled resonant circuit with the reader by radio waves or contact to complete the read and write operations. The RFID key fob is passive. When the reader reads and writes to the card reader signals superimposed on the composition consists of two parts. One part is a combination of data signals, the command chip to achieve the modification of data, storage and return it to the reader, to complete a read or write operation. The other part is a power signal, which received by the card, rather than their own L / Cresonance, producing timely an energy to supply chips work. The data on the card can save more than 10 years long.

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